Dr. James Dobson’s Resignation an Example for Leaders

Dr. James Dobson announced last week that he is stepping down as chairman of the board at Focus on the Family. He will continue to do his daily radio program.  You can hear him talk about it in today’s broadcast available at the site. It will be interesting how they will replace Dr. Dobson. For some of my thoughts in that area of leadership check out this previous post.

Recently I posted a criticism of some of the direction Focus on the Family has taken in recent years. You can read that post HERE, but basically I encouraged the organization to return to its roots of helping families and leave politics aside.

Today I need to compliment Dr. Dobson for his example to all of us to do what he feels is right for the ministry at this stage in its life. Many times leaders, especially founders, hang on too long to the reins of power and the succession of leadership becomes much more difficult.  I have had similar questions about leadership and when it’s time to leave in this post.

Dr. Dobson, I look forward to your continued investment in my family through your radio program.

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One thought on “Dr. James Dobson’s Resignation an Example for Leaders

  1. I know this really has nothing to do with anything, but in junior high… maybe high school… I did a report on Dr. Dobson for school. I think it was Bible class… maybe English. (Great memory I have, huh?!) ANYWAY! I read through a bunch of his books for my report. One of them was “The strong-willed child” and I thought, “I’ll never have a child like that.” Now… I have 3 (sometimes 4). Ohhh yes God is SO funny!
    (SEE, totally random comment!)