Quick Strategy To Have a Less Stress-Filled Week

I have shared this strategy a lot.  When you are facing one of those stress-filled weeks try this:  

1.     Take index cards and write on each one what you are most concerned about this week.  (one concern per card)  

2.     Lay them face up on a table in front of you and share them with God.  He knows them better than you do, but do it anyway.  

3.     Pray something like this, “God, this is what I have before me this week and I can’t handle it all.  I’m asking you as my Father, who loves me more than I can imagine, to give me direction, success, wisdom, patience and understanding in every area of my life.  Lead me along the path you would have for me.  I’m trusting completely in you.  If this week is a success it will depend on you.  I love you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen”.  

4.     Do the best you know how to do, but leave the stress of the week in God’s hands. 

Please understand this is not a formula for success. I don’t believe those exist in any relationship and God is certainly not defined by my prayers.  This is, however, based on Hezekiah’s actions in response to receiving a letter that threatened his entire kingdom.  (2 Kings 19:14-19).  I have tried this numerous times and God always responds.

Sometimes that response has been to relieve me of all my stress.  Most of the time, however, this process has helped me refocus and feel a sense of calm among my circumstances knowing that my God is ultimately in control. 

Try this as you begin your week and see what happens.  

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