God Provides Opportunity To Show That He Can

Recently a friend of mine in ministry had the “dream opportunity” of a lifetime presented to him. He was asked to apply for the job.  He did.  He didn’t get the job.  The process, however, opened up his heart to a move from his current position.  Still, he questioned why God would stir his heart so much about a position He never intended to give Him.  Thankfully, I had a brief moment of brilliance and was able to answer his dilemma.  Actually that’s not true.  I have learned from years of experience the answer to my friend’s question.  You need to know that sometimes God provides opportunities just to prove that he can. 

When God encouraged Elijah that He had plans for him, He showed Elijah the wind, the earthquake and the fire, but the Lord was ultimately in the gentle whisper.  Still we know from elsewhere in Scripture that God is fully capable of providing wind, earthquakes and fire. Sometimes God just allows us to see His power to remind us that He has power when He chooses to use it. 

Recently I read Craig Groeschel’s book “It”.  Chapter 7 is a must-read for every pastor.  Groeschel’s church (LifeChurch) has adopted the motto “God often guides by what he doesn’t provide.”  He goes onto say, “If you don’t have something you think you need, maybe it’s because God wants you to see something you’ve never seen.”  I love that. 

Are you struggling with what you don’t have or with things you feel you have missed out on that God hasn’t provided yet?   Perhaps God is just proving to you He can provide when He chooses to provide.  Perhaps He is just building your faith and ability to trust Him!  

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7 thoughts on “God Provides Opportunity To Show That He Can

  1. Why would God/circumstances line things up so perfectly then rip away something long awaited and hoped for? That just seems downright cruel to me.

    • I don't know your situation, but God is always up to something good. If He allows one dream to die it's because He has better one planned.

  2. This is a very timely Word for me since that is a season that I’m in right now. I’m grateful for the way the Holy Spirit confirms the Scripture through others. Amen