5 Ways to Fight Insecurity

as a Pastor or Leader

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I was talking with a young pastor overwhelmed with the responsibility he’s been given. His church expects a lot from him – leading the church, preaching great messages, visiting the sick (and the well), managing a budget, and seeing the baptistry consistently in use – just to name a […] Continue Reading…

5 Areas I Micromanaged in Church Revitalization

Sometimes we have to manage closely

Rural chapel

At least once a week a pastor contacts me about church revitalization. I always tell them I’m still learning, but we have seen God do some pretty amazing things in our church. In all measurable areas we have experienced explosive growth in an over 100 year old, extremely established […] Continue Reading…

Peace Often Comes Through Obedience

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Are you struggling with a “word from God”?

Do you feel there is something you need to do, but you aren’t quite certain about it yet?

Do you wish you had greater “peace” before you struck out to follow a dream – a dream you feel is God-given?

Are you […] Continue Reading…

5 Suggestions When Firing Someone in Ministry


Whenever I talk about firing people in ministry I create a great deal of interest. Some feel it makes the church seem too much like a business. I get it, but the other fact, and many understand through difficult experiences, if we don’t address this very serious issue, Kingdom […] Continue Reading…

Thoughts on Firing People in Ministry – And Some Objections to Doing So

Dejected just fired an office worker with personal belongings in a box

This is a difficult post – about a difficult issue. It is one we don’t necessarily like to talk about in the church, but sometimes we must.

I came out of a business background, so some things which are done in ministry are different for me. And, frankly, many should […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways I Hope to be a Kingdom-Minded Pastor

Building Blocks

Shortly after I arrived at our established church I began saying frequently, “I want to be a Kingdom-minded pastor”. The phrase seemed to catch some by surprise. They had heard the term, but they really didn’t know what I meant when I said it. Thankfully, rather than remaining curious, […] Continue Reading…

Pick Up Your Mat and Walk!


Whatever you are holding on to tighter than your faith, I believe Jesus would say, “Pick up your mat and walk!” Trust Him with that in which you currently trust the most. Permit Him to see you through the difficult days of life. Allow Him to carry your burdens, strengthen your walk and brighten your hope for the future. He is still the Miracle Maker, and He can still heal a broken heart.
[…] Continue Reading…

Freedom Passes – The New Math of Leadership

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When I was in school I had a love-hate relationship with math. I loved doing math, working to find an answer to a problem, but I hated having to solve it with the teacher’s methods. On tests I would do poorly if the teacher made us “show our work”. I could get the right answers, but using my own systems. I realize the teacher’s need to make sure I wasn’t cheating and that I knew how to think through a process but I wanted to invent my own process. The years I was on the math team and did best were when I had teachers who allowed me the freedom to do it my way.

Successful leaders understand this principle as it relates to organizational success. […] Continue Reading…