Want More Joy in the Journey? — Throw Away the Scripts

Der Film

Are the routines and details of your life getting you down?

Is the direction of your life not turning out as you planned?

Are you stressing so much about things that are happening — out of your control — that you can’t enjoy the good things already in your [...] Continue Reading…

Great Organizations Empower People to Think

Solving a problem

Several years ago I had problems with my cable service. I made numerous phone calls and several trips to the company; all in an attempt to correct the problem while politely obeying what I was told to do. I realize my community reputation is on the line and so [...] Continue Reading…

Be a Great Leader. A Great – Servant – Leader


Jesus defined what it means to be great in His Kingdom.

The greatest among you must be a servant. Matthew 23:11

What He didn’t say in that passage is important too. He didn’t say that one who is great because they are a servant couldn’t also be a leader.

I think we [...] Continue Reading…

A Critical Leadership Error and 4 Ways to Approach It

Car driving

There is one critical error most leaders make at some point. I make it frequently. If you’re leading – you probably do also.
We forget that people are trying to follow.
We get so caught up in our own world that we forget people we are trying to lead are trying [...] Continue Reading…

8 Ways to Deal With the Emotions of Change

Grumpy, pissed off, unhappy old man

In previous posts I shared about the way people respond to change. One post share the “Absolute Most Common Objection to Change”. Another post shared “7 Common Emotions to Change”. And, there were actually 8 emotions. :) No one seemed to catch that.

With each post I was asked [...] Continue Reading…